Warid 2G, 3G, and 4G Internet Packages

Warid 2G, 3G, and 4G Internet Packages

Today I will inform you all about the Warid 2G, 3G, and 4G Internet Packages Packages overall the usage types are it daily, weekly, monthly, 3-Day & Social Data Bucket, Prepaid & Postpaid.

Warid is one of the Top company in Pakistan as well as in the world which provides us an internet service over all the three 2G, 3G, and 4G bandwidths.

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Warid not only provides internet services in Pakistan. Warid is using International telecommunication company. It also provides internet services all over the world and he got a great appreciation from all over the world. And also from Pakistan. As of the fourth quarter of last year, the company claims over 26 million mobile subscriptions and a market share reaching 20%. Currently, the 4G coverage extends to over 100 cities of Pakistan and this number is increasing day by day.
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Warid provides us with cheap internet services and expensive also. It also gives us a discount on using his application. It has a top-level app like the Zong app. It also gives a short to their customer in the shape of prizes and discount on internet offers.

1. Warid Hourly Internet Packages Prepaid:

Jazz Warid Internet Packages 4G for Hourly usage, gives Warid Prepaid users the freedom to enjoy lightning fast uninterrupted internet on hourly-basis. These packages include Warid Internet Hourly Extreme as well as Warid Hourly 4G LTE Package. Please find complete details below:

PackagePriceVolumeValiditySubscribeStatus Check
Warid Hourly 4G LTE PackageRs. 10100 MBInternetValid for next 4 hoursSend SMS DH4 to 7777*200*415#
Warid Internet Hourly Extreme PackageRs. 17(Incl. tax)2 GB InternetValid for next 2 hours*846#*117*24*2#

Warid Internet Hourly Extreme Package cannot be subscribed between 6 PM – 1 AM

2. Warid Night Internet Package Prepaid:

With Warid All Night LTE Internet Bundle, Warid customers can now experience smooth internet connectivity from 12 Midnight to 9 AM. Warid night internet package gives LTE customers the freedom to avail 10GB Internet for only Rs. 5 whereas 2G customers can enjoy 1GB internet volume for downloading or surfing with “All Night Edge Bundle” in Rs. 0.99 only. Please find the details below:

Warid LTE Bundle for 2GRs. 0.991 GB12 Midnight to 9AMRB2G to 7777
Warid All Night LTE Internet PackageRs. 510 GB12 Midnight to 9AMSend RB4G to 7777
Warid Weekly Extreme Night Internet PackageRs. 702500 MB7 DaysBetween (2 AM-2 PM)*117*14#
Warid Monthly Extreme Night Internet BundleRs. 755 GB30 DaysBetween (2 AM-2 PM)*117*34#

Customers can also dial *786# to activate All Night LTE & 2G packages.
All Night LTE & 2G Packages will automatically be renewed on a daily basis and can also be unsubscribed through SMS
For All Night LTE Package check remaining resources by simply dialing *200*414#
For All Night 2G Package check remaining resources by dialing *200*413#
Warid All Night LTE and Warid 2G Internet bundles are available to use in Ramadan only
All SMS sent to 7777 will be charged for Rs. 1+tax per SMS

3. Warid Internet Daily Packages:

Warid LTE 3G/4G Internet Packages Prepaid allow customers to enjoy exciting incentives such as On-net Minutes, Off-net Minutes, SMS to other networks, Free Internet MBs/GBs on-a-daily basis at affordable rather minimum charges. These Packages includes Warid Facebook Package 2018 and more. Please find complete daily internet packages details below:

Warid WhatsApp Package & Unlimited Facebook OfferRs. 1(Excl. tax)Unlimited FB / WhatsApp1 DaySend FW to 7777
Jazz Warid Daily Social BundleRs. 5(Excl. tax)200MB for FB & WhatsApp1 Day*114*5#
Jazz Warid Daily Social Recursive OfferRs. 5(Excl. tax)200 MB for FB & WhatsApp1 Day*455#
Warid Daily SMS+WhatsApp BundleRs. 6(Excl. tax) 1800 SMS All Networks +10MBs1 Day*334#
Warid Social Connection PackageRs. 750 MB1 Day*114*5#
Warid Ramadan OfferRs. 10(Excl. tax)Unlimited On-net/Off-net Mins+100MB1 Day Valid Between 12AM-9AM*518#
Warid Daily Browser PackageRs. 1250 MB1 Day*117*11#
Warid Daily Data Bundle (Peak - Off Peak)Rs. 20100MB for 24 Hrs+1100 MB b/w (2AM-2PM)1 Day*117*4#
Warid Jazz Free Music Daily BundleRs. 2050MB + 50MB for Saavn App1 Day*502*1*1#

4. Warid 3 Day Internet Packages Prepaid:

Warid 3 Day Internet Packages are specially designed to provide customers the ease to avail various free resources for 3 whole days without being worried about balance. These Packages includes Warid 3-Day Browser, Warid 3-Day Extreme, and Warid 3 Day Bundle Offers. Please find complete details below:

Warid 3-Day Extreme (2AM to 2PM) PackageRs. 18500 MB3 Days*114*14#
Warid 3-Day Browser PackageRs. 25100 MB3 Days*117*1#
Warid 3 Day Bundle OfferRs. 70(Incl. tax)500 MB+300 On-net Mins+500 SMS All Networks+30Off-net Mins3 Days*99*1#

5. Warid Weekly Internet Packages 2018:

Warid Internet Packages Weekly 2018, allow Warid Prepaid users to enjoy various incentives at affordable charges for 1 whole week. These incentives includes On-net Minutes, Off-net Minutes, Free SMS to Other Networks and Free Internet MBs / GBs. Please find complete details below:

Warid Weekly BundleRs. 15(Incl. tax)1200 SMS All Networks + 25MB7 Days*101*1*07#
Warid Weekly Browser PackageRs. 55300 MB7 Days*117*3#
Warid Weekly Extreme Package (2AM to 2PM)Rs. 702,500 MB7 Days*117*14#
Warid Weekly Streamer PackageRs. 80700 MB7 Days*117*7#
Warid Jazz Free Music Weekly BundleRs. 90350MB + 350MB for Saavn App7 Days*502*2*1#
Warid Weekly Premium PackageRs. 1101,500 MB7 Days*117*47#
Warid Weekly Mega Plus PackageRs. 200(Incl. tax)8GB+5GB (24 hrs)+3GB (2AM-2PM)7 Days*453#

6. Warid Monthly Internet Packages Prepaid:

Warid Monthly Packages provides uninterrupted internet for 1 whole months. These internet packages includes Warid Monthly Browser, Warid Monthly Premium, Warid Monthly Supreme Package and many more. Here are the details:

Warid Monthly BundleRs. 6012000 SMS for All Networks + 5GB30 Days*101*1*02#
Warid Monthly Extreme Package (2AM- 2PM)Rs. 1255 GB30 Days*117*34#
Warid Monthly Browser PackageRs. 1602 GB30 Days*117*77#
Warid Monthly Streamer PackageRs. 3004 GB30 Days*117*31#
Warid Jazz Free Music Monthly BundleRs. 3301.5GB + 1.5GB for Saavn30 Days*502*3*1#
Warid Monthly Premium PackageRs. 5007 GB30 Days*117*30#
Warid Monthly Supreme PackageRs. 8008 GB30 Days*117*32#
Warid Monthly Mega PackageRs. 1,20012 GB30 Days*117*36#
Warid Monthly Ultimate PackageRs. 2,00025 GB30 Days*117*35#

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